Paul Dolan Publications

Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University

Dolan, P (2021) Recalcitrant Temporalities: Heterogeneous Time and the Simulated Image. In: P. De Assis and P. Guidici, ed., Machinic Assemblages of Desire: Deleuze and Artistic Research (Orpheus Institute Series), 1st ed. Belgium: Leuven University Press.
and image of book:
Machinic Assemblages of Desire (2021) Leuven Press (jpeg)

Conference Proceedings
Dolan, P. (2019a) From Silicon to Pixel: Exploring the material origins of the simulated image. The 31st Conference of the Society for Animation Studies – Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisbon, Portugal. 20th June 2019.
Dolan, P. (2019b) Recalcitrant Temporalities: Heterogenous Time and the Simulated Image. 3rd Conference for Deleuze and Artistic Research, Orpheus Institute, Ghent. December 9th 2019.

Group Shows
Cosmotechnics (forthcoming, 2021), Hanover Project, Preston, UK.
Expanded Animation (June 17th – 21st 2019), Convento de São Pedro de Alcântara, Lisbon, Portugal.
Records and Wireframes (November 9 -19th 2017) NEoN Festival, CentreSpace, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee. 
Solo Shows and Commissions
Spruce Pine, North Carolina (2018), (August 2018) Art-Gene.co.uk, Online.
Floating Point  (October 2016), B&D Studios, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 
Wireframe Valley (2015) (January – March 2015), Queens Hall, Northumberland.