Blanca Pujals Publications

Essay ‘A matter of Matter. The Unmaking of Microscopic Bonds in Transnational Space’ at Artnodes nª 25 ‘Dialogs Between Art and Fundamental Science’. Guest Editors: M. Bello and A. Gracie. Journal on Art, Science, and Technology. (2020)

Text for ‘The live Creature and Ethereal Things: Physics in Culture’ book edited by Nicola Triscott and Fiona Crisp, published by Arts Catalyst. London, UK. (2018)

Work and text ‘Untitled’ in collaboration with Laurie Robbins included in ‘Postcards from the Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation’, other contributors are Etienne Turpin, Jussi Parika, Susan Schuppli. Dpr-bcn Ed. Edinburgh, Scotland.  (2021)

Essay ‘Specular Technologies. the construction of Fear and Desire’ published in ‘MORE: Expanding architecture from a gender-based perspective. III International Conference on Gender and Architecture’ (2021)

Essay ‘Synthetic Territories’ included in the publication and exhibition ‘Atlas Menor #2 Cuerpo Posthumano’, (Minor Atlas #2. Posthuman body) curated by the Institute for Postnatural Studies and edited by Bartlebooth. (2021)

Text for Volume #57 Talks, about the potential consequences of our current coronavirus crisis for architecture and the built environment. (2020)

Essay ‘Metric abstraction for privatization, protection and segregation’ at ‘Aldiri. Arkitektura eta abar’ magazine num42 on “Doktrinazio arktitekturak” (“Architectures of Indoctrination”). (2020)

Essay ‘Material memory traces’ for Nuevo Curriculum2019. INLAND-Campo Adentro Ed., Madrid, Spain. (2020)

Essay for the book ‘We Are Still Alive, Like Hydrogen and Oxygen’. Curated by Alejandro Alonso Diaz, texts from Christina Sharpe, Luciana Parisi, Forensic Oceanographic, Jenna Sutela, Sira Pizà, Alma Heikkilà, Jenna Sutela and others.  (2019)

Essay ‘Bodily cartographies. Pathologizing the body and the city’. The Funambulist Magazine Nº7 on ‘Health Struggles’.  (2016)